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PostSubject: LEEROYYY JENKINNNS!   Tue Apr 07, 2009 12:59 pm

!!!READ FIRST EXPLANATION!!!: Leeroy Jenkins is the most famous World of Warcraft video circulating the net. It depicts the WoW guild "PALS FOR LIFE" preparing to enter a room filled with 50 dragon whelps and other various dragon-class enemies. The guildmaster explains the intricate strategy and importance of Leeroy Jenkins (paladin) needed for the survival of the guild in this raid and its completion, all while Leeroy Jenkins is away from the keyboard making chicken. When Leeroy Jenkins returns to the keyboard, unaware of the strategy needed, he charges in with his battlecry; "Alright thumbs up let's do this LEEROYYY JENNNKINS!!". The rest of the guild charge in to save him and in their futile attempt, all get slaughtered while shouting at Leeroy Jenkins. Leeroy is later slaughtered by the dragon whelps and in his embarrassment states "Well at least I got chicken."

RATED M for Mature: Low level coarse language and extreme noobness.